Most of the water on our planet is not cannot be used for drinking. All natural waters are contaminated with organic or inorganic chemicals. Only 3% of it meets the requirements for drinking water, but even of this small amount, 2% are inaccessible as they are locked in glaciers.

Pure water

Drinking pure water helps you in your health and sports activities and also helps you to avoid illnesses and kidney problems. Water quality has a great influence on our body at a cellular level.

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The body functions like forming saliva, hormones creating, keeping organs and tissues safe, joints lubricating, bowel movement, the temperature of the body, delivering nutrients to the body parts and flushing out toxins depend on the quality and amount of the water we drink.

Of course, many inorganic chemicals have beneficial value for human but they are treated by the water companies to make it safe. Tap water has chlorine taste that performs a sterilizing function. Leaving the tap water in an open glass for about a minute to let the chlorine evaporate.

The purest water form available is distilled water without any contaminants such as minerals, salts, harmful particles or chemicals, but if achieved in laboratories it is not natural in fact. The natural way of performing this experiment is the water cycle.

Rain water is the purest but it is polluted by dust, gases, etc. That’s why at the moment it reaches earth surface it is not pure at all. The 100% natural and purest water is rainwater, especially in the regions having high rainfalls level and all pollutant gases removed from the air. This kind of water doesn’t contain essential minerals and electrolytes.

Spring water is considered to be one of the purest water if it is sourced naturally and wasn’t transported through pipes or BPA bottles.

What is the Purest Water Source in the World

Water Source

The quality of water from the source called Zam-Zam that is located in Mecca is found the cleanest water on the planet by scientists and the World Health Organization. It does not dry out and its intensity is constant. The water from the Zam-Zam source is healing as it doesn’t contain any microorganisms and bacteria in it.

In addition to it, one more feature that scientists still cannot explain – water doesn’t leave the body in the usual way, it comes out only while you’re sweating.

The Zam-Zam water is very clean, without any taste and smell, does not spoil during long-term storage. There are a lot of legends about its origin, but the mystery of the water Zam Zam still remains unsolved.

What Kind of Water should We Drink?

The USA water treatment goes like this:

  • Coagulation and Flocculation – positive charged chemicals neutralize dirt and other harmful particles.
  • Sedimentation – floc settles to the bottom and eliminated then.
  • Filtration – the water passes through filters to get rid of TDS.
  • Disinfection – A disinfectant destroys any parasites, germs, bacteria, or viruses.
  • Fluoridation – Fluoride is added to prevent the tooth problems that Americans experience from highly refined, sugar-centric diets.

Tap water goes through miles of pipes which are may be corroded. And all these water treatment sterilizations includes chemicals that you don’t want your body to be composed of. In most cities, it can be used for cleaning and laundry.

The majority of bottled is transported and kept in bottles containing BPA, if this container is heated up, the BPA may influence the quality of water. The biggest problem of bottled water is an environmental impact. Creating bottled water is wasteful, as it takes about 3 liters of untreated water to produce 1 liter of purified water.

In addition to it, plastic is extremely difficult to recycle. This means that the used plastic bottle is likely to end up in a garbage dump where it will decompose for more than 200 years. Or, even worse, it can end up in the ocean and poison not only water but also wildlife.

Surface water may include synthetic compounds in it from fabric run-off, air pollution, industrial waste, or human influence like boating or fishing.

Boiling water is usually one of the cheapest and most effective ways to clean it. Raising the water temperature to 85 ° C and above leads to the death of most pathogens in a few minutes. But boiling does not purify water that is contaminated with substances such as lead, pesticides, nitrates and other chemicals.

How to Get the Purest Water

One of the purest water kinds is deionized. It is distilled water that passes through special ion exchange resins. This way you get ultra-purified distilled waters which are the purest. As a rule, they are used in conductimetry tests and electrical cells because electrolytes don’t influence the process.

Anyway, this water is not good for long term use, drinking and cooking purposes as it doesn’t contain any useful minerals in it. Distilled water doesn’t take out minerals of your bones, because you may get them from your food easily. It is also good for those who want to drink crystal clear water.

But if you don’t wanna lose useful minerals using an RO water purifier may be the answer.

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