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Some vegans ask different questions when it comes to tortillas that are Chipotle, flour, and mission tortillas vegan? Generally, tortillas are vegan, but in the past, there were flour tortillas that were sometimes not vegan because they had lard as one of the ingredients. Nowadays, this usually is not a case due to the rise in health concerns.

There are many animal-derived ingredients that still find their ways into various processed foods today. People come across some wheat flour tortillas containing lard every now and then, but it is far less likely as most tortillas companies now use vegetable oil. In addition to this, the cornflour tortillas are made without adding fat, so they are vegan in general.

Types of tortillas

Tortillas are of different types that include vegan and non-vegan, as, in a Mexican restaurant, you are most likely to order a dish with a tortilla as a base. Whether it is tacos, burritos, enchiladas, or nachos, the majority of Mexican cuisines are made using tortillas.

  • Flour tortilla

Flour tortillas are perhaps the ones that are known by the majority of people. These are chewy, soft, and very stretchy pancakes that are generally made from flour, water, sort, and some fat. The source of this fat is essential for the vegans.

Puffy tortillas used for Tex-Mex style foods may contain baking powder to give them rise and fluff compared to the plain tortillas. Often you will find flour tortillas that are used to make burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. Most of these are made from white flour, but you can find the whole wheat varieties also.

  • Corn tortilla

Instead of wheat flour, the corn tortillas are made of cornflour, and a particular kind of corn flour is known as ‘masa harina.’ This corn flour is made by taking dried corn kernels and then boiling them in lime water.

Masa harina that is made with lime water, makes the corn easier to digest. Once you complete this cornflour or purchase a pre-made masa harina, you mix it with water to make the dough, through it in the tortilla press, and the corn tortilla gets ready.

  • Spanish tortilla

When we compare Spanish-tortilla to the ones that are Mexican-originated tortillas, then the only thing you see overlapping is the circular shape. It is more like an omelet, as you take potatoes and eggs to cook them in olive oil with scallions and onions until an open-faced omelet-type meal is created.



Vegan tortillas

Like other foods, it is easy to find vegan alternatives also, and this is one of the positive aspects of veganism. There is a misconception that you have got to give up your favorite foods while transitioning to veganism. Many grocery stores offer you healthy alternatives, and when you search for vegan tortillas, it is better for you to do a little bit of research on your part into the brands that are currently consumed by you on a regular basis.

If you visit a traditional Mexican restaurant, you would want to inquire whether they use lard. Nowadays, most of the Mexican restaurants have tortillas that are safe for vegan diets. There are some vegans that are even concerned with the use of enzymes, which is quite a common practice among tortilla companies.

There are many brands that sell vegan tortillas that include 365 brand Whole Wheat Tortillas, Food For Life Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas, Rudi’s Gluten-Free Fiesta Tortillas, Engine 2 Sprouted Grain Wraps, and Raw Wraps Vegan Spinach Wraps.

Ingredients of standard tortilla

A standard tortilla’s ingredients by an ordinary tortilla manufacturer include water, wheat flour, vegetable shortening, sugar, salt, and leavening. In addition to the components, there are various additives that are quite common among most of the commercial tortilla companies. With a few simple ingredients, tortillas can also be made at home.

A useful tip is to search for the brand’s website in order to check whether the tortillas contain any animal ingredients. You can also check the ingredients list if you don’t have access to the company’s website. A quick way to see if a food item contains any animal products is to check the ingredients list’s bottom.

It is not an easy task to altogether remove all animal products from your diet. The reason is that the items that you would be assuming to be vegan, technically aren’t. Many foods contain gelatin, which is derived from the animals, and another additive is casein that comes from dairy. It would be helpful if you also were careful about artificial dyes as some of these dyes contain animal products.

Should companies appeal to vegan consumers?

Being vegan is a daunting task, but there are people who adapt to it fairly quickly. A wealth of knowledge is available online that can assist the vegans. As the internet is accessible to almost everybody; therefore, whoever wants to adopt this lifestyle can do it easier than ever.

It is equally important for different companies to recognize their customers who have a plant-based lifestyle. More companies are required to consider transitioning into offering foods that are free of animal-based ingredients, especially those that are not beneficial to the overall quality of food. Such is the case regarding tortillas.

Tortillas can be successfully made without using lard; therefore, in some cases, it may help the overall sales of a business to drop the animal products. By many companies, this is overall an intelligent business decision that has benefitted the vegans throughout the world by allowing them to consume the Mexican food in a more convenient way.


As the knowledge of veganism is spreading, we can easily see why its popularity is increasing compared to the past. Tortillas are open to the vegans as we can enjoy various dishes that we once had before switching to veganism. Tortillas are widely available, so they benefit many people, and it is clearly a sagacious decision by different companies to stop producing tortillas with animal products because of the rise in popularity of veganism.

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