Bread is a staple and healthy food for vegans to get all the nourishment for your body’s needs regularly. As a rule, any bread in a grocery store that doesn’t include eggs or dairy (most sandwich breads, bagels, loaves, buns, rolls, pitas, flatbreads, lavish, and crackers) is vegan.

Vegan Bread

Perfect vegan bread includes only the simplest ingredients like water, flour, salt, yeast, and oil. But we can’t be sure about any commercial bread content as manufacturers may add many confusing ingredients such as honey. Check the label before purchasing, there must be vegan-friendly ingredients only.

The major part of bread products is leavened by yeast. Don’t worry yeast is absolutely vegan-friendly because it is not derived from animals.

What Bread Can Vegans Eat?

Let’s talk about the best vegan bread brands and their nutrition, quality, texture, taste, and other details.

Non-Vegan Bread Ingredients:

  1. Milk
  2. Cream
  3. Buttermilk
  4. Eggs
  5. Margarine
  6. Butter
  7. Whey
  8. Caseinate
  9. Casein (a milk protein)
  10. Sodium caseinate
  11. Lard
  12. Ghee
  13. Honey

Other tips you should pay attention to:

  • 100% whole grain
  • Provides your body with iron and protein
  • Contains 2 grams of fiber per 1 slice minimum
  • No more than 70 calories in a standard slice
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No more than 4 grams of sugar per 1 slice
  • No trans fat
  • No than 200 milligrams of sodium per serving

As a rule, fresh breads from a grocery store, bakeries, bagel shops, or Farmer’s markets don’t contain animal products like egg or dairy. It is a better choice because they use a fresh sourdough that rose and underwent fermentation. I prefer the more natural process of wild yeast and fermentation.

And the good news is there is a great variety of bread products you can choose from as there are a lot of vegan options you may find in a grocery store.

Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat Bread

It is a healthier choice and of course, it is more nutritious and less processed than white bread with bran and germ eliminated.

Its flour doesn’t lose all 3 nutritious ingredients, germ, the bran, and endosperm. If you remove the germ and bran you lose minerals, protein, b-vitamins, and fibre.

That’s why many white breads are fortified with vitamins and minerals. However, it may contain honey, whey or milk, don’t forget to check the label.

Anyway, if a whole grain bread has a lot of sugar or oil inside, it’s better to choose a slightly more processed option having fewer oils or sugars.

Benefits of Organic Sprouted Whole Grain Bread:

  1. Phytic acid in grains also functions as an enzyme inhibitor and blocks minerals absorption. Sprouting breaks enzyme inhibitors down and minimizes phytic acid. This way, iron, magnesium, calcium, copper, and zinc absorb much more effectively.
  2. Sprouting converts simple sugars from starches so nutrients which take much energy to digest (proteins) are getting more digestible.
  3. Sprouted grains have higher nutritional value. They are rich in total protein, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B2, B5 and B6, total phenolic contents and antioxidant features.

Sprouted bread is made from whole grains that have sprouted. It contains the whole grain with more vitamins, fiber, and proteins.



Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Bread for vegans

  • Product Life – Frozen (0°F) 1 year
  • Fresh – (75°F) 5 days
  • Refrigerated – (45°F) 14 days

Ezekiel 4:9 uses freshly sprouted grains which are organically grown and certified by USDA authorized certifying agencies and a unique slow-bake process to preserve the bran benefits of grains and natural fiber.

This bread includes not only standard grains like millet, wheat, and barley but also lentils and soybeans. The combination creates the complete protein for your body. This bread provides you both with all the 9 essential amino acids and 18 amino acids from the plant sources.

The nutritional value of this bread is rich in iron, protein, and calcium. It doesn’t contain flour and GMO’s so the risk of diabetes and constipation because of lack of fiber is significantly reduced. You will also avoid overeating as the product is rich in fiber and protein and makes you feel full faster.

Nutritional Value per 1 Slice (34 g)

  • 80 calories
  • protein – 4g
  • carbs – 15g
  • fiber – 3g
  • iron – 4%
  • vitamin B6 – 4%

Ezekiel 4:9 has a very pleasant smell during toasting. The texture is solid and the bread don’t falling apart after toasting. It is crunchy with a delicious nutty flavor. Even after the bread is refrigerated it tasted fresh! You may find this bread in frozen food sections. Don’t forget to thaw it before separating the slices.

Dave’s Killer Bread Organic 21 Whole Grains and Seeds

Dave’s Killer Bread is one of the best bread brand for vegans with 21 seeds and grains which are full of with carbs, protein, fiber, iron, and omega 3. All the healthy nutrients and flavor come without extra calories – 1 slice has only 60 calories.

This bread is certified by USDA and Non-GMO Project Verified so you can be sure it doesn’t contain pesticides, genetically modified organisms, artificial fertilizers, ionizing radiation, or any other harmful food additives. It doesn’t contain corn syrup, cholesterol, trans, and saturated fats.

Nutritional Value per 1 Slice (28 g)

  • 60 calories
  • carbs – 12g
  • protein – 3g
  • fiber – 3g
  • omega 3 – 130mg
  • whole grains – 12g
  • iron – 4%
  • vitamin B6 – 2%

Dave’s Killer Bread is perfect for making toasts. They are rich in flavor, crispy, and tasty. Thanks to its dense and grainy texture, high protein and fiber content you will feel full for a longer time. Minimum calories help will help you not to gain weight.

Store it at room temperature or in a freezer up to 3 months. Keep it far from heat, direct sunlight, and liquid.

Other brands:

  • Silver Hills Bakery Macks Flax Sprouted Bread
  • One Degree Organic Foods Veganic Lentil Grain Bread

Don’t forget to check the ingredients, don’t trust the label. Very often “whole-wheat” breads can be just white bread with a tan. The real whole wheat breads do not contain any kind of flour. Otherwise, the bread isn’t 100% whole wheat.

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread

It includes water, flour, salt and sourdough starter culture, which consists of wild yeast, flour, and lactobacillus bacteria.


  • San Francisco Sourdough Bread
  • Cobblestone Mill San Francisco Sourdough Bread
  • Dorothy Lane Market Sourdough Bread

Vegan Sandwich Bread Brand

The main ingredient here is wheat flour, but it may include butter, milk, honey, or eggs. White flour itself doesn’t contain nutrients, so pay attention to enriched white flour. The most famous sandwich bread is Bfree Vegan Soft White Sandwich Bread.

BFree is white bread for making sandwiches from Ireland. It doesn’t contain major allergens such as gluten (certified vegan without gluten bread brands don’t include wheat, spelt, rye, barley), soy, wheat, nuts, dairy, and eggs. It is a perfect decision for vegans or those who are sensitive to soy, wheat, or nuts.

BFree provides your body with carbs, vitamin E, protein, calcium, iron, and fiber but not with trans fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, GMO or other ingredients which harm your health. You may forget about gaining extra weight with sandwiches made from Bfree bread as 1 slice contains only 70 calories.

Shelf life – 1 year

Nutritional Value per 1 Slice (30 g)

  • 70 calories
  • protein – 3g
  • carbs – 13g
  • fiber – 3g
  • calcium – 2%
  • iron – 2%

Many of us think that gluten-free sandwich bread is bland and has no taste. But this brand can change your opinion. The consistency is soft and moist without crumbling or crackings. The taste is real and delicious. You can be sure – Bfree is the best tasting vegan gluten-free sandwich bread brand!

Pita Bread

Pita Bread

It is the oldest vegan bread in its original, as it includes only water, flour, yeast, and salt, but commercial bread brands may change the ingredients.

Vegan pita bread brands:

  • Bfree Vegan Gluten Free Pita Breads
  • Toufayan Bakeries Low Carb Pita Bread
  • Joseph’s Flax, Oat Bran, and Whole Wheat Flour Pita Bread


Whether they are soft or hard, pretzels are composed of 3 main ingredients: water, yeast, and flour. Varying from manufacturer to manufacturer, they may contain lard, butter, milk, margarine, or eggs to make it softer or give richer taste.

  • Bakery Authentic Bavarian Lightly Salted Soft Pretzel
  • Unique 100 Percent Whole Grain Wheat Sprouted Pretzels
  • Gratify Gluten Free Pretzels


They are very popular and supposed to be vegan because they contain salt, wheat flour, water, and yeast. Some manufacturers top it with eggs to make it shiny or add milk, butter, cheese, honey, eggs, or whey to make it tastier.

  • Bruegger’s (Plain, Everything, Garlic, Sesame, Blueberry)
  • Dave’s Killer Bread (organic Epic Everything™ bagels)
  • Cobblestone Bread Co. 100% whole wheat bagels
  • Lender’s Bagels (all flavors are vegan except egg)
  • Rudi’s Organic Bakery Bagels
  • Tim Hortons’ (Everything, Plain, Cinnamon Raisin, Blueberry, Pretzel)
  • Thomas’ Bagels – is the most popular supermarket brand with several vegan “flavors” such as blueberry, cinnamon swirl, plain, everything, and cinnamon raisin.
  • Trader Joe’s Bagels (Plain, Whole Wheat, Sesame Seed, Cinnamon Raisin)

Pizza Crust (Bread)

Vegan pizza

The easiest way to get vegan pizza is just to ask whether the restaurant has it or not.

Here is the list of vegan pizza crusts without milk, honey, eggs, whey or cheese:

  • Pizza Hut – The Thin ‘N Crispy or Hand-Tossed crusts
  • Domino’s – the thin crust
  • Papa John’s – original hand-tossed

Burger Buns

The majority of them is not vegan but you may find what you need in a bakery, check the buns for the absence of butter, milk, animal fats, or eggs.


  • Schar Gluten-Free Hot Dog Rolls
  • Arnold Country Potato Hot Dog Rolls
  • Organic Bread of Heaven Burger Buns (certified organic & certified vegan)
  • Stroehmann Dutch Country Burger Potato Rolls


They are made from wheat or corn to cook tacos, taquito, enchiladas or quesadillas. Wheat flour tortillas were frequently used for quesadillas or burritos and contained lard.


  • Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Whole Grain Tortilla
  • Siete Almond Flour Grain Free Tortillas
  • BFree Gluten Free Wheat Free Sweet Potato Tortillas

Breadsticks or Dipping Sticks


They contain simple vegan ingredients like oil, wheat flour, yeast, salt, and malt.

  • Marini Classic Italian Tomato & Oregano Breadsticks
  • Alessi Thin Breadsticks
  • Stella D’oro Original Breadsticks

List of the Best Vegan Bread Brands

  • La Tortilla Factory
  • Food for Life, Ezekiel 4:9 Bread (Organic Whole Grain, Sesame, Cinnamon Raisin, 7 Sprouted Grains, Flax Sprouted Whole Grain Bread)
  • Aldi
  • Bfree Vegan Gluten Free Soft White Sandwich Bread
  • Manna Organics
  • Dave’s Killer Bread (Organic 21 Whole Grains & Seeds, Organic Raisin’ the Roof!)
  • Mission Corn Tortillas
  • Arnold bread (Country White, Country 100% Whole Wheat Bread, Jewish rye)
  • Dave’s Killer Bread
  • Ener-G Light Tapioca Loaf
  • Engine 2
  • Cobblestone Mill (Jewish rye, Pumpernickel, San Francisco sourdough and Whole Wheat)
  • Glutino
  • Trader Joe’s fresh-baked bread
  • Kinnikinnick Foods

The best way to avoid animal products is to buy bread from a baker you know or well-known brands.

Is it Healthier to Eat Gluten Free Bread?

Gluten-free bread is not automatically healthier because gluten doesn’t harm our health. This option is generally for those who are sensitive to gluten. Some gluten-free breads have high sugar content and this bread is made from very processed grains.

Breads without gluten also tend to have more calories and fat. Select the bread with the least amount of calories and the least processed. If you do not have a gluten sensitivity, I wouldn’t advise you to think about it.

If you haven’t found what you need, check the video to prepare own vegan bread made by you. It’s gonna be much easier if you use a blender food processor.


Breads like challah or brioche are not vegan-friendly because as a rule, they contain butter or eggs. Check labels before buying but don’t be obsessed with it. There are a lot of ingredients like mono and diglycerides, cholecalciferol, lecithin, sugar may or ingredients which are hard to pronounce.

These ingredients can be vegan-friendly, they are not necessarily animal derived. If you want to be sure, you’ll need to contact the company in question, find out where they source their mono and diglycerides and other ingredients, and then contact that source.

Remember the 13 non-vegan bread ingredients mentioned above and avoid them. It’s only up to you to decide what kind of bread to choose. It depends on the things you most concerned about and what is prior to you – Taste, whole grain, number of ingredients, etc.

I hope my review has made your decision easier. Enjoy your healthy choice!

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