When you’re vegan, you’ve likely heard comments in passing about whether you’re getting the proper nutrients from your diet. Many people don’t truly understand that you can have an all-inclusive and nutrient dense diet with a healthy and balanced vegan lifestyle.

Green Raw Vegan Supplements

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However, just like non-vegans, you may require additional supplementation to support your body’s natural health. There’s no shame in a few extra vitamins in your life! Unfortunately, finding fully vegan supplements takes a little more time than non-vegans, as many supplements contain animal products in them. We’ve compiled a list of the top 4 vegan supplement brands to make your search easier. 


Why Supplement?

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to add supplements to your daily routine. Supplements, depending on the type, can aid in deficiencies and natural body processes like stress, sleep, and overall general wellness. If you are deficient in a nutrient, taking supplements can boost your immune system, repair cellular damage, and even heal wounds faster. However, if you have an excess of vitamins in your system, you may be susceptible to health issues like nausea, fatigue, and even mild nerve damage. That’s because too many supplements can inhibit the way that your natural body processes. Before you begin supplementing, it’s always best to consult with a physician and discuss your goals. 


Most Common Supplements for Vegans

While many supplement types exist on the market, some are more common for vegans than they are for non-vegans. This is likely due to the fact that certain nutrients exist more dominantly in meat than they do in pant-based foods. Such vitamins and minerals include B-12, calcium, K2, and omega-3 fatty acids. If you believe you may be deficient in one or more vitamins or minerals, it’s important to consult your physician as there may be an underlying reason for this deficiency that must be addressed prior to supplementation. 


Hello Bello

Known for their production of plant-based baby products, Hello Bello recently expanded their field of expertise to vitamin supplements. They make supplements for both men, women, and children, and they come in the form of a gummy rather than the common pill. These gummies make supplements easier and more enjoyable to take so you’ll never miss your daily dose!


Rather than providing a single vitamin or mineral like other supplement brands might, each of the Hello Bello vitamins come with a variety of nutrients embedded within them to ensure you receive a well-rounded supplement intake. Another helpful factor with this brand is how they are named after what they’re useful for, rather than with the specific vitamins in them. This will help you understand which body functions the particular supplements will aid in improving instead of confusing you with unclear vitamin names. On the front of the label, you can still find the added vitamins and minerals that you’ll be consuming. 


While Hello Bello claims to be a plant-based brand, there are a few supplements that are not registered as vegan. To be safe, avoid the Organic Prenatal (vegetarian), Omega 3, and Prenatal + DHA. Instead, stick with the Adult Stress, Kid’s Sleep, Organic Kid’s Multi, Organic Woman’s Multi, Organic Men’s Multi, Sleep Well, Immunity, Hair Skin + Nails, and Organic Energy supplements. 



Unlike many supplement options on the market, Deva Vitamins are marketed as fully vegan. Their company was founded in 2003 and has always been marketed towards both vegan and vegetarian communities. To prove their commitment, they are registered by the Vegan Society which is the official non-profit organization that first coined the term “vegan”. To be part of the Vegan Society, companies must not use any animal products or ingredients, participate in animal testing, utilize genetically modified organisms, and must uphold kitchen and hygiene standards while undergoing rigorous testing to prove as such. 


This brand understands that animal and planetary wellness is vital and actively works to protect animal rights, organic farms, fair trade, and sustainability.  


Because Deva is a fully vegan company, all of their vitamins and supplements are vegan. This means you’ll have the ability to choose, without worry, which supplements are best for you. They have over 30 different vitamin, mineral, and general supplement options. Some of their most popular ones include their Vegan Multivitamin, Omega-3 DHA, B12, and Prenatal options.

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While some vitamin brands put an emphasis on wellness, Yuve focuses on your health in combination with the essential health of the planet. This plant-based company assists in providing supplements that use less water, energy, land, and plants to create. However, they don’t ignore the importance of your own well-being. Yuve vegan vitamins have zero added sugars, chemicals, and preservatives and are easy to digest. Made with real plants and superfoods, all ingredients are sourced responsibly. 


Yuve manufactures vitamins in a variety of forms including gummies, shakes, capsules, liquids, and mints. Of all vegan supplement brands, this one has the most intake options. This way, you can choose how you like to ingest your supplements the best. 


Every vitamin and supplement that Yuve sells is 100% certified vegan. This eliminates hours of scouring the ingredients lists of hundreds of vitamins and supplement options for substances like gelatin. Some of their best-selling vitamins include their Vegan Zinc, Multivitamin Gummies, and Gut Restore powder. 


Ora Organic

Ora Organic takes wellness to a whole new level. Stemming from the New Zealand Maori greeting ‘Kia Ora,’ which means “be well,” Ora Organic wants to help you be well. This company believes in everyone living healthy, fulfilled, and happy lives and helps customers do so through providing a fully vegan supplement brand. They boast the use of plant-based materials and avoidance of any artificial additives making for a more wholesome alternative to other derived vitamin brands or products. Ora Organic products are more ethical, sustainable, and healthier than other non-vegan supplements. 


One of the most convincing aspects of Ora Organic products is how they taste test each of their supplement options. They go through over 100 taste tests to ensure you won’t be left with a bitter, chalky, and undesirable flavor in your mouth after ingestion. 


Because all supplements are certified vegan, organic, kosher, non-GMO, and FDA approved, you know you’re only putting nourishing nutrients into your body. Some of the most popular supplements that Ora Organics sells includes their Probiotic with Prebiotic capsules, Turmeric Curcumin tablets, Natural Hormone Balance for Women, Apple Cider Vinegar pills, and their Sleep Aid supplement. 


Choose the Right Vitamin for Your Body

No two people are alike, and because of that, no two people will react in the same way when it comes to ingesting vitamins. It may take some trial and error to find your favorite supplements, but with the four vegan choices above, you’ll likely come across your favorite one soon! Instead of suffering from deteriorating health or a dissatisfied lifestyle, implement supplements into your daily regimen.