Insomnia is an inability to fall asleep, trouble remaining asleep through the night or a tendency to wake up too early. A key feature of insomnia is that a person feels stress or troubles in functioning as a result of poor sleep. It can be classified as persistent, episodic, or recurrent.

The elderly, women and those with depression are more prone to feel insomnia.


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Symptoms of Terminal Insomnia

Sleep needs differ for each person. So based on individual sleep requirement, early awakening may be pathological or not. If you feel fresh and rejuvenated until the next time for sleep, there is no problem. Your body just doesn’t need so many sleeping hours. If even 5 hours of sleep make you feel alive during the day, then there is no reason to worry.

If early awakening is a self-developed habit and does not harm the body, then everything is fine. But as a sleep disorder, having a serious basis for emotional and psychological disorders it can cause obvious discomfort.

Terminal insomnia (initial or early insomnia) is a seasonal affective disorder characterized by low mood, poor concentration, irritability, troubles with occupational functioning and decreased energy. People with terminal insomnia feel too tired to carry out their responsibilities due to lack of good sleep. In terminal insomnia, sleep doesn’t give energy for daytime activities doing.

Terminal insomnia is also known as “early morning waking.” You wake up between 2 and 4 a.m., and it’s very hard to fall back asleep. In opposite to initial insomnia, here the individual suffers from unsuccessful sleep regaining. As a rule, the symptoms appear right after the standard time begins in the autumn. Light affects mood and sleep and standard time restricts its exposure.


The first step towards overcoming a sleep disorder is finding its cause:

  • The standard time beginning in the autumn
  • Depression. Early awakening is considered one of the symptoms of deep depression
  • 60+ age
  • Shift work
  • Anxiety. If the individual feels anxious after the early awakening, he could not fall asleep again. Business troubles, financial falls, difficult relationships or job stress are common reasons for mental agony in the early morning.
  • Digestive issues like ulcers or heart burns
  • Nicotine or caffeine
  • Excessive sleep during the daytime
  • Hunger or early morning hypoglycemia. Hunger may be the reason to awaken a person provoke stream of thoughts.
  • Alcoholism
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Diseases like arthritis, a backache or dental pains
  • Medication side effects
  • This disorder also occurs as a symptom of other somatic and mental diseases. If early awakening has become your constant companion – this is a sign of mental disorder.



  • Stop behaviors that make your condition worse – give up smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine after noon. Avoid spicy and heavy food to prevent heartburn. Go to sleep at a set time every night and get up at the same time every morning. Make sure the temperature in the bedroom is cool and comfortable for you.
  • Melatonin is a hormone helping to regulate the sleep cycle. Consult with a doctor and take a dose he recommends every evening to promote well sleeping.
  • The valerian herb is a famous anxiety remedy, but dizziness and a headache after a long time of use are common side effects, so this cure is not for everyone.
  • Relaxation therapy and sleep restriction. Learn practices that relax your muscles and remove anxiety and body tension, do calming yoga or meditation. And don’t spend too much time in bed if you can’t fall asleep again in the early morning. The resulting tiredness will help you not to wake up in the night.
  • Warm milk is a natural muscle relaxant and rich in calcium. It also helps if hunger is the reason for terminal insomnia. but avoid drinking it in a great volume as it can wake you up in a few hours.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy encourages good sleep habits and reduces sleep anxiety. These practices are about better breathing, muscles, heart rate, and mood control. CBT involves talking to a therapist to help you consider your feelings and thoughts about sleep.
  • An acupressure mat covered with plastic rounds leads to uninterrupted and restful sleep. To get the result you need, use it shirtless. The insignificant pain promotes endorphins releasing to dull it. Endorphins with their sedative effect help with sleep.
  • Physical activity is required at least 3-4 times a week 4-5 hours before sleep (jogging, cycling, swimming, etc.), massage, acupuncture, etc. These procedures may also have a relaxing effect.
  • Trazodone is an antidepressant that might have side effects such as dry mouth, constipation, sedation, weight gain, increased appetite, and tremor. But one of the main advantage s is the body does not develop a tolerance to its influence, so you don’t have to increase the dose and you wouldn’t be dependent on it.
  • If the reason is restless leg syndrome, a weighted blanket may help calm your body down.
  • For some individuals who feel daytime sleepiness and poor performance as a result of terminal insomnia, the use of short-acting sleeping pills may promote better sleep and alertness during the next day.
  • If early awakening is caused by general anxiety and it is a symptom of neurosis, psychotherapy is the most effective treatment. Its aim is to relax and find peace: autogenic training, hypnosis, different methods of physical relaxation, music therapy, and aromatherapy. Physical therapy in the form of soothing baths, relaxing massage techniques and artificial sleep that also leads to a quick and long lasting result.


Be careful while driving if you have any kind of insomnia, such patients are accident prone. Consult a doctor if your problem continues, your physician may be able to help you. He will determine the right cause of this condition and prescribe treatment.


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