In a hurry? Jump straight to where to buy sustainable toilet paper.

If you take responsibility after you flush, you may be in the market for sustainable toilet paper.

Regular toilet paper is manufactured from virgin fibers by cutting down the trees. Each year, thousands of trees are unnecessarily lost to create products such as toilet paper.

When you are using a sustainable toilet paper, you are making a responsible choice. None of us should be choosing between using the products that we enjoy today and what we are required to preserve for our tomorrow.

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What is sustainable toilet paper?

Nearly all of the major brands and even the supermarket own brands supply the toilet paper with the Forest Stewardship Council stamp on it. This gives assurance, at least in theory, that the timber used to manufacture the product was sourced sustainably.

Nowadays, the ethical consumers have taken the line that the toilet paper made using the virgin wood pulp, even if FSC certifies it, cannot be considered a sustainable product. It is somewhat hard to justify using the virgin wood pulp for manufacturing a product that is to be disposed of immediately.

We see many other sustainable options available, like using recycled pulp that is becoming quite popular and is readily available. This is why a product is awarded a full sustainability mark if it uses a recycled paper, and a half mark if it uses sustainably sourced alternatives like bamboo.



Is bamboo toilet paper sustainable?

Speaking of bamboo, many wonder if bamboo toilet paper is sustainable.

The reason people make this argument is because of how fast it takes bamboo trees to grow vs. how long it takes conifer trees to grow, which are typically used for toilet paper.

Aside from this difference, bamboo toilet paper is produced in much the same way as regular toilet paper is produced. According to an article from TreeHugger, “the plant is broken down into fibers and turned into a pulp that is then pressed and dried.”

7 qualities that make bamboo toiler paper sustainable

  • bamboo trees can thrive in many different climates
  • they don’t take up as much space as other tree types
  • plant them once and you’re done (no need to replant)
  • they grow well without any fertilizer
  • they don’t need any harmful pesticides for protection
  • it is usually 100% biodegradable
  • less likely to clog spectic systems

But…here are 2 reasons why bamboo is NOT perfect for sustainable toilet paper

  • Other types of forests are sometimes cleared to grow bamboo
  • Bamboo is often grow in Asia and therefore exported around the world

Protect, grow and restore forests globally

Increase the use of FSC certified fiber

Many top brands have now committed to the maximum use of FSC certified fiber across their products’ complete variety. These brands also want to double the amount of their FSC certified fiber commitment as more and more people are turning towards sustainable toilet paper.

All these brands can help grow the FSC supply to drive positive impacts within forest products. These brands should also continue to source fiber certified to different leading international forest certification standards that help enhance and protect the forests.

Promote the adoption of FSC forestry standards

The brands must support FSC in driving the adoption and implementation of their standards to protect forests, local communities, and the endangered species.

The top brands focus their efforts in different areas of the world by working with the landowners, the suppliers, and governments to increase the number of forests that are FSC certified.

Global protection and growth of certified forests

The top brands also help train private landowners on the value of certification and make certification easy. Different opportunities are explored to define and develop the Positive Forest approaches and produce different strategies.

Restore forests damaged by wildfires

Another way to increase the percentage of sustainable toilet papers is to help plant more trees. This way, tons of carbon is sequestered, millions of gallons of water are filtered, and thousands of pounds of pollutants are absorbed.

Where to buy sustainable toilet paper

While sustainable toilet paper is still not as widely available as we would like, you can still buy it at many major convenient locations. Here is an overview of popular chain stories. However, we also suggest buying your sustainable toilet paper from any local small businesses in your area.

Sustainable toilet paper at Target

You can buy Reel Tree-Free Toilet Paper in a 12-pack at Target. This is the best option at the store, as it is 100% bamboo and tree-free. It is also made with zero plastic, even the packaging. Another more sustainable toilet paper option at Target is the Everspring brand of 100% recycled toilet paper.

Sustainable toilet paper at Whole Foods

As part of their 365 Everyday Value brand, you can get 100% recycled toilet paper at Whole Foods. They also sell Bim Bam Boo toilet paper, made from recycled bamboo. As well as a 100% recycled option from Seventh Generation.

Best sustainable toilet paper on Amazon

Of course wherever you are, one of the easiest places to buy sustainable toilet paper is through Amazon. Check out these top sustainable toilet paper brands:

  • Reel Premium – This 3-ply toilet paper made from tree-free, 100% bamboo fibers. The company also uses eco-friendly and zero plastic packaging.
  • Caboo Tree Free Toilet Paper – This is an eco-friendly bath tissue with soft, quick dissolving 2-ply sheets. It comes in a package of 300 Sheets Per Roll, 24 Double Rolls.
  • Better Way Bamboo Toilet Paper – Better Way may be the best option because it is organic, plastic-free, compostable & biodegradable AND also FSC Certified.

How to make sustainable solutions easier for families

Invest in fiber innovation

Over time, the best brands are investing to accelerate research into non-wood fiber alternatives and fast-growing fibers that are FSC certified. The goal is to develop the fibers that are consumer-preferred, produced on a large scale, and are sustainably sourced.

Working with external experts to strengthen these efforts and finding disruptive solutions is the key. This way, they aspire to include a more significant number of environmentally preferred fibers in their products.

Raise awareness of forest certified products

Different social channels and packaging are used to raise awareness regarding the importance of purchasing forest certified products.

Use recycled fiber

Many brands commit to using 100% recycled fiber in their fiber-based packaging. Fiber-based packaging is known to be the best way to re-use the fiber while manufacturing a product that is preferred by the people.

Is toilet paper bad for the environment?

When it is about the soft toilet paper made from the virgin woods, most people agree that toilet paper is terrible for the environment. A toilet paper’s life is concise because you take it, use it, and then flush it.

As far as toilet paper is concerned, being a single-use product is not its only environmental issue. The main problem lies with the manufacturing process, and it takes a large number of trees and water to produce toilet paper.

Tons of chemicals like chlorine are also used, and all these chemicals end up in the local water sources. Therefore, toilet paper is not suitable for the environment.

Have any questions about sustainable toiler paper? Feel Free to comment down below.

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