It wasn’t quite long ago that most of the popular gums the animal-based ingredients like gelatin. But if you are a gum addict, then the news is that many different chewing gums brands are now vegan. That includes gum brands such as Wrigley, Dentyne, and Trident.

Many people are unsure about the status of gum, is gum vegan? Because it is not a crucial part of any diet, it is not one of the most common foods sought out by vegans whether or not they can have it. Whether you chew it to freshen your breath, out of habit, or blow out bubbles, knowing more about it will be interesting for those who follow a plant-based diet.


What is gum?

Gums are soft and cohesive substances that are designed to be chewed without being swallowed. A modern chewing gum consists of a gum base, softeners, sweeteners, colors, flavors, and powdered polyol coating. The texture of gum is reminiscent of rubber because of the polymer’s properties, plasticizer, and the resin components that contribute to the sticky characteristics.

Typically a chewing gum comes in three formats that include coated pellets, tablets, and sticks. Gums are instead a shelf-stable because of the non-reactive nature and low moisture content. Chewing gum can retain its quality for such a long time that in some countries, that law doesn’t require it to be labeled with a date of expiry.

is gum vegan

is gum vegan

What are the ingredients in gum?

If you ask most people what they will look in gum, they will reply to sugar, flavoring, sweeteners, and a few E numbers. But the main component in gum is a type of gum base that is generally made of a cocktail of different unusual natural and synthetic materials that are unlikely to be found in a supermarket.

Most of the ingredients that we see in the majority of gums are vegan friendly. It only requires the smallest quantity of an animal product or a derivative used either as an ingredient or in the manufacturing process to declare any chewing gum vegan.


Which chewing gum brands are vegan?

As with the foods and drinks, the answer to the question ‘is gum vegan?’ can be summarized that it often can be vegan but not always. Everybody asks what can make a gum non-vegan and how one might ascertain whether or not our favorite brand of gum is vegan.

There are some key brands of chewing and bubble gum that are vegan. This comes with the caveat that the manufacturers might change their processes or ingredients, but nowadays, it is highlyunlikely that a gum’s vegan brand will switch to become a non-vegan one. The vegan brands include Wrigley, Hubba Bubba, Dubble Bubble, Orbit, Extra, Eclipse, Pur, and Mentos Gum.


Gum brands that are not vegan

There are some chewing gum brands that are not vegan.ere are chances that in the near future, these may well change to become plant-based; therefore, it could be worth checking the manufacturer. The non-vegan brands include Trident, Orbit, Extra flavors with crystals, Mentos 3 Layer, Strawberry Squeeze and Juice Burst.


Reasons why some chewing gums are not vegan

The waters of veganism can be muddy, and there are many famous brands in the UK and different global brands that bring out some vegan products, and some are non-vegan. Therefore, knowing how to discern whether gum is vegan or not is very important, especially those brands that do not label their products clearly in one way or the other.

Many brands that are vegan friendly might still be marked as suitable for vegetarians or may not be labeled at all. It is never easy for anyone to tell whether a given gum is plant-based or not. This is because some potential ingredients can be derived from both animals and plants.

Another reason is that some of the animals derived ingredients listed using their chemical or brand name, or are simply the products that most people are not familiar with. The following are the key aspects to look at.


Gelatin is among the well-known vegan baddies and is a collagen product derived from the different parts of the animals. Much of the gelatin comes from the skins, hooves, hide, and bones of the pigs and cows. Whatever part of the animal comes from, when added to gum or any other foodstuff, it renders the finished product that is not suitable for both the vegans and non-vegans.



Carmine is a red-colored food dye that is derived from the cochineal insect. It can be put in the ingredients list in a number of different ways that could include simply carmine, carmine lake, crimson lake, natural Red4, or E120. In order to make things even more complicated, some red gums are using an alternative dye with various names and are actually plant-based.



Glycerin is quite a tricky ingredient that can be made both from plants and animals. It is usually used as a sweetener or often alongside another sweetener, xylitol. One cannot be sure how glycerol is made because it can either be produced from soybeans or other possible plant sources and the synthetic means and from tallow that is animal fat.


Stearic acid

Stearic acid occurs naturally in chocolate and is used as an additive to some chewing gums. Like glycerin, it can either be produced from animals or plants. Although it occurs in the animal fats in high quantities, cocoa butter, used in chocolate, is a key exception. Stearic acid is generally used as a thickener and to increase the plasticity and flexibility of the gum.



This is another essential item to look out for on the list of ingredients. If someone is trying to go for the vegan diet, then it can make things complicated because lecithin can be made both from plants and animals. Other than gum, it is used in a range of foods that include bread, chocolate, and vegan butter substitutes.



Usually, the commercial gums contain animal byproducts and the ingredients that are tested on the animals. Vegan chewing gums are considered free from all that, and they are also safer and healthier. Vegan gums should not only be free from animal products but should also be cruelty-free.

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