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When it comes to ice cream or pudding, vanilla maybe your favorite flavor, but its extract offers much more than only a delicious taste. The health benefits of vanilla extract are very vast. It would help if you were making sure that you have the right stuff rather than any cheaper or inferior imitation extract.

Vanilla is not just a feel-good scent, but it is incredibly capable of expediting healing, promote hair growth and improve acne. This means that it is a great multi-tasking tool to have. Pure vanilla extract offers various benefits with a minimal calorie impact. There are no common side effects or medicinal interactions of vanilla; although in some cases it may cause very mild allergic reactions like sleep problem, headaches or irritation.

What is a vanilla extract?

Vanilla extract is a solution that is created with vanilla beans and alcohol. When the vanilla beans are submerged in alcohol, they release vanillin, and this is a significant flavor compound that is found in vanilla. This is a dark brown liquid also known as a vanilla tincture and can be used for the enhancement of the sweetness of desserts.

There is an estimation that around 95% of vanilla extracts that is commercially for sale is derived not from the vanilla beans but lignin, that is known to be a byproduct of paper waste products that might be used to create synthetic vanillin. The leftover sawdust in the paper mills and similar industries contribute to this synthetic imitation.

If it is commercially made in this way, it obviously lacks any health benefits of vanilla extract that one can reap with the homemade vanilla extract. The main reason for the unfortunate synthetic production of vanilla extract is that it is necessitated by an increasing demand that cannot be easily met by the original production method.

Real vanilla extract is made from Madagascar vanilla beans has a vibrant flavor as compared to that from synthetic vanillin. You can look for Vanilla Co2 Total Extract in the market that is closest to natural and homemade that you can purchase from the market.



Nutrition facts of vanilla extract

The vanilla plant has originated from Mexico and is a flowering vine growing according to the structure that supports its height that reaches up to 300 feet in length. The dried orchids from this vine are vanilla beans that contain many compounds including vanillin which contributes to the delicious flavor.

One serving of vanilla extract contains 1.6 grams of carbohydrate, 37 calories and 19.2 milligrams of potassium. Keep in mind that vanilla extract has a base of 35% alcohol.

Is Vanilla Extract Vegan?

Health benefits of vanilla extract

Vanilla extract is very safe and has no side effects; therefore, you can use it according to your requirement in your healthy desserts and get the benefits of improved heart and mental health, with various other features. The following are the health benefits of vanilla extract.

It is a powerful antioxidant

Antioxidants are essential in the diet because the free radicals that enter your body because of the exposure to chemicals and have the potential to cause lasting damage. Oxidative stress leads to a variety of diseases and also contributes to the formation of cancer.

Vanillin is quite a well-known antioxidant for some time, as it shows lower antioxidant activity. It has now gained interest in the market as a useful product in health supplements and food preservation as neutraceuticals.

It is antibacterial

Vanilla extract also exhibits antibacterial properties. This is the actual reason why it is included in a regimen in order to treat cold sores naturally. Soaking a cotton ball with the extract is recommended, as you can apply it to your cold sore daily about four times until the sore disappears. You will be able to notice a reduction in the inflammation of cold sore soon after applying the vanilla extract for the first time.

It reduces body inflammation

Vanilla helps to reduce the overall inflammation in your entire body, and this is one of the health benefits of vanilla extract. Inflammation is quite severe, as it is the root cause of many diseases. Fortunately, chronic inflammation has been recognized by medical science for having a massive impact and is now considered an emerging field in health care research.

A study shows that the anti-inflammatory properties of vanillin, in addition to the antioxidant activity, have found that it is especially significant to help prevent and reduce the damage of liver injury.

It improves mental health

Vanilla extract is well-known to reduce anxiety and depression in many patients. This is because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It is not a surprise that vanillin has antidepressant results, as this is related to its ability to lower inflammation.

Many people firmly believe that using vanilla extract as medicine without resorting to dangerous options like psychotropic drugs is a great option. This is a reason why the plants are placed on this planet to benefit us, without having to endure many of the haunting side effects of unnatural chemicals.

It lowers cholesterol

Another health benefit of vanilla extract is that it has the potential to lower high levels of cholesterol. Those individuals who are looking to lower their cholesterol level naturally and fast can incorporate vanilla extract into food, as this can be a handy option for such individuals.

It may reduce fever naturally

If you are having a high fever and are looking to get rid of this high fever, then vanilla has a common folk remedy for some time to reduce your fever naturally. You should keep in mind that a low-grade fever is a sign that your body is fighting infection.


The health benefits of vanilla extract are not only confined to flavoring, your favorite desserts, but adequate consumption of vanilla in your diet can have a very positive effect on your overall health. The pleasant aroma of vanilla calms your stress, revitalizes your energy and refreshes your mind. It has a compound known as vanillin antidepressant, antitumor and antioxidant effects.

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