Nowadays people have severe problems with getting fresh and clean water. Buying cheap beverages in a supermarket cannot guarantee its quality, and vice versa drinking over expensive drinks can cost an average customer too much.



That’s why people think more and more about getting fresh water right at their home. And here come water distillers. This is a device that distills water, evaporates it, and cools to form a condensate. Such liquid has no smell and it is completely clean. Here we have some myths and facts about water distillers and do they need filters?

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Myths about distilled water

Market has a variety of different water distillers but people still create myths about this device:

  • Distillation removes healthy minerals;
  • Distilled water has no taste;
  • Distilled water can hurt your teeth;
  • Distillation does not remove organic substances.

All of this is not true:

  1. Distillation removes harmful substances as heavy metals, radionuclides and other inorganic pollutants. Shortly speaking this water meets all the requirements better than any other. You can be sure about your health drinking distillited water.
  2. What about teeth destruction? Some companies can say this nonsense due to fluorine removal. Well, I have drunk distilled water for 20 years and my teeth are absolutely healthy.
  3. Distilled water taste is a subject of many discussions and disputes. People that are used to drink water with high iron content can say that distilled water is tasteless or even disgusting. Also since distilled water is 99% clean it can absorb smells of plastic bottle pack. But eventually, water produced by water distillers has no bad smell or taste.
  4. Sometimes water has Volatile Organic Compounds that can evaporate with water itself and get to final water product.

And here we came to the question of necessity of water distillers filters.

Necessity of filters for water distillers

Filters are often produced from charcoal or carbon. They will fully absorb all the harmful substances and will not bring any other gases or smells. At this point people might have a question: do I have to also buy a filter if I have already bought a water distiller?

Modern water distillers are designed to work with or without filters but it does not mean the water will be the same in the end. It all depends on the water source.

Filters can remove all VOC from the initial water and prevent from getting them into clean water. The most highly spread is chlorine which has a great concentration of itself almost in every big city.

That is why water distilled without filters sometimes has an odd smell and taste. It is not crucial for your health but if you want to drink clean and fresh water, it is better to use filters. If you are sure, that you water is VOC free you can remove filter.

How long can I use one filter?

It depends on water content. If you notice that water distillation goes slower, visually inspect your filter if it can not
be used anymore.

To sum up, it is good to use filters for your water distillers. Distillation without filtration through activated charcoal is not as effective in terms of removing volatile organic compounds.

Filters can protect you from letting VOC and other organic and mineral substances getting to drinking water. Also, they do not give any bad taste or smells. But if you do not want to have another expenses related with water distiller, you have to be sure about water source purity.

Otherwise, your distilled water might not so clean and healthy. The combination of filtration through activated charcoal with distillation raises the level of removal of contaminants to values exceeding, under normal conditions – 99 – 99,99%.

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