Everyone hears a lot about the ozone layer as our radiation protector. Also, you can smell “the scent of freshness” after heavy rain or single thunderstruck. That’s naturally generated ozone. The common knowledge causes a false idea. People are thinking that ozone is completely safe. It is not.



This gas has strong disinfecting properties due to its nature. Ozone is highly dangerous, it is one of the strongest natural oxidizers. You must stuff all the gear at safety containment according to rules. But these conditions allowed to remove bad odor.

That’s why we have ozone generators in our households. It is an effective domestic solution against stinking matters. It is also a legit source of fresh air when you need it.

Enerzen commercial ozone generator 4500mg is one of the best machines to destroy odors.

So, Does It Work Against Smoke?

Yes. Ozone molecules have no direct reactions with molecules of carbon dioxide, the major part of the natural smoke. But carbon dioxide itself doesn’t smell at all. The origin of bad odors is rotten organic material, damaged by bacteria, mildew, mold. Ozone destructs these organic sources of pollution very effectively and quickly.

The reasons for using this gas producing apparatus are:

  • ozone is cheap. There are others solutions but they are much expensive;
  • ozone works quick. You can remove bad odors in minutes after the fire.
  • the gear is simple. Compare to other oxidizers, there is no need to use very complex reagents. The UV-lamps produce ozone by its radiation. There are also other ways to produce ozone through electricity or various chemical reactions;
  • the gear is compact. The domestic UV-lamps and other sources of ozone are small boxes working around power socket, with little indicators. The best ozone generators also have no sharp edges or protruding parts. This form is safe for little children and pets.
  • the gear is repairable. The lamps and other generating elements are changeable and cost a couple of dollars;
  • you can manage the stream of ozone gas as you wish. The generators are removable and light.  The customer should use multiple generators in case of big and smoked household;
  • Ozone disintegrates itself to simple atomic atmosphere oxygen in short terms. It means not only disinfection but also an alternative and powerful source of fresh air. Also, it means that the powerful oxidizer utilizes itself after the disinfection procedure. There is no need to add reagents – just wait a couple of minutes.

Are Ozone Generators Toxic?

Yes, indeed. If you are careless and do disinfection yourself without reading the manuals. Direct rules and professional work makes ozone a simple and effective tool.

The rules on how to conduct these mechanisms are:

  1. You need a good ventilation. Ozone is flying matter but it is much heavier than regular oxygen. So, this toxic gas forms a thick layer right under our feet.
  2. Thus, you need to be out of the room when the procedure of killing mildew or bacteria is starting.
  3. Each session of disinfection must be no longer than half an hour. This is the time when the concentration of ozone is becoming dangerous.
  4. You must lock each part of the ozone generator from kids when it will finish its work! No exceptions! The gadget contains high voltage parts.
  5. Remove all the flammable and heated stuff. As an almost perfect oxidizer, ozone gas is a part of the strongest combustion.
  6. Do not do massive disinfection alone and being in the room! The gas can poison you till you lose your consciousness.
In case of proper disinfection, you’ve got only a better place to live. There is no reason to avoid ozone generators if you need to remove collateral damages from fire, ash, and smoke.

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