YES. Some models are able to kill mold. But mostly they are intended for riding a room of different kinds of smells. Ozone kills mold spores but does it quite lightly. Mold growing deeply in carpets or upholstered furniture won’t be killed. In this case, bleach using is necessary.

Ozone Generator

But take action to find and stop the leaks that allow mold to appear, first thing. Only then try to get rid of it.  Even with an ozone generator, it may kill it now, but it will come right back until you fix the problems, the underlying cause still needs to be addressed.

Mold and mildew appear mostly in damp spaces with poor air circulation. Often a basement dehumidifier can fix all issues.

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What Size and Intensity do They Need to Kill Mold?

Any commercial model with 5000 mg/hr output is perfect for cleaning up the air from cigarette smoke, musty carpet cleaning and killing mold.

The best ozone generators are:

  1. Airthereal MA10K-PRO;
  2. Ivation Ozone Generator;
  3. Commercial Clevr Ozone Generator.

But you should always remember that breathing ozone in is very dangerous for your lungs. Use it only in vacant spaces.

How Completely Does an Ozone Generator Kill Mold?

Ozone is very effective in attacking mold, its spores, and mildew. At higher concentrations, it deteriorates the structure of microorganisms and doesn’t let them reproduce. O3 goes where normal air can go. The entire space, floors, ceilings, furniture, and clothing are filled with ozone. So every surface, that gets into contact, gets sanitized. It means that O3 is not able to attack mold behind solid walls because it can’t pass through it, but ozone can down into cracks and crevices.

The problem with using O3 to try to destroy mold is that it can only interact with things it can touch, meaning only issues on the surface. It is absolutely useless to mold spores inside pillows, toys carpets, etc.

Mold Odor Removal

Ozone also removes mold smell in the air for several hours.

If you’ve noticed mold on the walls or any other surface, Ozone shock treatment is necessarily required.  If space smells musty, there’s an opportunity that there are mold spores in the air. They can provoke lungs issues and the house and its contents damaging.

How to treat mold smell:

  1. close off the area to be treated;
  2. place a generator in the space;
  3. set the timer;
  4. leave the area, carry away plants and don’t allow pets to come in.

The sanitary processing time depends on the size of the room and the amount of mold and odors. It can take several hours or longer if the mold smell is very heavy. After it let ozone to dissipate for about an hour before occupying the room. If the source of the moisture hasn’t been completely eliminated before treatment, it may need to be repeated periodically to prevent mold return.

Note: If there is an air conditioner, leave it working for the O3 circulating, to kill mold inside the ductwork. For longtime treatment leave one window open about 2 inches to provide a constant source of oxygen for ozone creation.

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