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The way of living and eating by avoiding the exploitation of animals and their products is called veganism. It is more than just eating habits and food, it also includes clothing and various other purposes, and one could say that it is a way of life. Vegans do it because of health reasons or their firm beliefs as they are against animal exploitation.

Candy is a pleasure that almost all of us indulge in, and everybody is completely aware of Twizzlers. For a new vegan or someone who already is, the main question one might ask is about Twizzlers being vegan. Whether you go for the caramel apple filled twists or the classic strawberry, you have to look at some ingredients that make up Twizzlers.

What are Twizzlers?



The original liquorice Twizzlers was first made in 1845 and was named for its twisty shape. Hershey company acquired the Twizzlers brand in 1977, and after being acquired by Hershey, Twizzlers took off. It comes in various flavours, and one of the most famous is the strawberry flavour that has a specific twisted dark pink look.

If you are a fan of this particular brand, then you must have heard about the chocolate, cherry, caramel apple and strawberry lemonade flavour also. There is a taste for everybody who likes them, and it is undoubtedly one of the beloved candies, especially during the Halloween festivities.

Today, the company that makes Twizzlers expands their production so you can make a cake of them put in family bags or you can also order them online. An interesting fact that you may find a surprise is that some famous athletes have also used these snacks for match preparation. In other cases,  some runners also used it to regain strength for longer distances, as a high amount of sugar gave instant energy.



Twizzlers ingredients

If you are a vegan, it is essential to find out information about this candy to make a judgment. You have to look into the ingredients if any components come from animals, as gelatin is most commonly used in such kinds of sweets, and this can be a significant issue for the vegans.

The main elements found in Twizzlers are sugar, corn syrup and a certain amount of palm oil that is made out of the palm plants. Supplemented wheat flour is another ingredient, but one of the main components in Twizzlers are the Trans fats that are produced by combining hydrogen oils to solidify them in lighter heats.

We can also find several artificial colours in Twizzlers. In most of the other brands, many artificial colours are obtained from animals, but this is not the case with Twizzlers. The red colour that can be found in this particular candy is not from the animal source. However, this doesn’t mean that artificial colours are healthy or cruelty-free. Some studies have linked artificial colours, like the ones found in Twizzlers, to hyperactivity in children.

Besides the potential health concerns, there is a fact that most of the food dyes and artificial colours have been, and are still tested on animals. As Red 40 can be found in all Twizzlers products, therefore, many experiments are made on different animals to test the safety of this artificial colour.

Are Twizzlers vegan?

Based on the ingredients of Twizzlers, they are indeed vegan, and if this is your diet or lifestyle, then you can enjoy eating as much as you like. There are no animal elements in Twizzlers. One thing to be noted is that vegans do not exclude cruelty-free products. The red colour of Twizzlers is vegan, but this doesn’t make it cruelty-free, and more importantly, it is still a candy with a high amount of sugar.

Even worst, high amount of sugar and artificial colours might lead to a problem in children, as they could be behaving hyperactively. Some people also claim that both the artificial colours and high amounts of sugar are significant reasons for cancer growth, so eating any candy with such a high amount of sugar can never be suitable for children or adults, vegan or not.

Is Twizzlers healthy?

Twizzlers are not the healthiest choice like the other favourite candies. Even if you are vegan, no one has said that you should never be eating it, but overeating can be problematic, especially for a child. The effect of white sugar is the major problem, and because of the manufacturing process of white sugar, some people say it is not vegan.

Even if we like to, sugar cannot be expelled from our diet, as the simple carbohydrates are an easily accessible source of energy that is required for cell function, and all that is present in sugar. It is also quite advantageous to consume complex carbohydrates like starch, as these are gradually digested and decomposed to sugar that can easily be absorbed, and thus slowly release energy.

There is a problem that trans fats are considered the most toxic ingredients that are found in food today. They are the main reason for raising your blood cholesterol, thus making you prone to obesity and diabetes, along with cardiovascular diseases. This is a fact that these fats do give a better taste and a more firm structure to the product, but are very unhealthy as they are used in the production of fast food, fried foods and bakery products.

Most of the experts point out the healthiest versions of the vegan foods, and of course, if your other meals are balanced and planned properly, then probably from time to time, you can indulge yourself in eating Twizzlers. If you don’t like to change your habits and don’t want to give up your favourite candy, you can still enjoy it but never go for too much.


Vegan foods do not have any animal products, but candies typically have ingredients like carmine and gelatin that comes from the animal source. Twizzlers can be freely eaten by the vegans, as they do not have any of these and PETA has also declared it to be vegan. Though the only possible ingredient that is not vegan can be glycerin, this candy producer says that glycerin is a food additive made from vegetable fats.

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