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If you are plant-based or can’t have dairy, then a fruity candy is usually a safe bet for you, but most of the aisle candies have a long ingredients list. Most of the sold chocolate contains milk or some milk products, and even some dairy or egg-free candies have animal products.

Starburst has been a choice for the children and adults for many years, but many people ask whether these fruit-flavored, soft, chewy treats are acceptable for the vegans to eat? The good news is that Starburst has no ingredients that are not vegans; therefore, Starburst is vegan.

What are Starburst?

The Starburst sweets are made by Mars Wrigley, a subsidiary of Mars, and is considered among the largest and most successful food companies globally. Known as Opal Fruits in the past, these chews were first chewed in the UK in 1960 and soon grew very popular. In 1967, these were introduced in the United States with the same name.

Starburst Fruit Chews are rectangular prisms or cuboids that are wrapped in wax paper. These sweets have the original four flavors that are orange, strawberry, lemon, and lime. Now they are expanded to include blackcurrant, combined lemon and lime, and various other variations and unique edition flavors that happen to appear from time to time.



Are Starburst vegan friendly?

Starburst products that are sold in the UK don’t contain any explicitly non-vegan ingredients. The majority of vegans hold the opinion that Starburst is vegan friendly. However, some people feel that the inclusion of palm fat means that Starburst sweets cannot be vegan. This is a point of contention amongst most vegans, especially those who love Starburst products, but the final say on this particular issue must be left down to the individual himself.

Another ingredient might ring alarm bells for the vegans, and it is known as lecithin. Lecithin is quite a common ingredient that is found in various foods as an emulsifier or lubricant, and it can be derived from the plant or animal sources. Given all that, Starburst packaging clearly states that their sweets are adequate for the vegans, and most of the vegans are confident that the lecithin used is sourced from plants.

Starburst ingredients

The classic Starburst candies and also the popular Starburst jelly beans come in various flavors. The flavors range from lemon, original orange, cherry, and strawberry to the tropical flavors that include pina colada. All of these have mostly the same ingredients.

In general, the main ingredients of both the Starburst jelly beans and the classic Starburst consist of fruit juice from concentrate i.e., apple, orange, cherry, etc., sugar, corn syrup, artificial flavors, palm oil, and artificial colors, typically yellow 5, red 40, yellow 6 and blue 1.

Other ingredients vary depending on the flavor and also the country in which these are made and sold. Starburst that is made and sold in the United States contains gelatin, while the one made and sold in the UK doesn’t. In the UK, Starburst jelly beans never contain gelatin but are made with an ingredient that is known as confectioner’s glaze.

Are all Starburst products vegan?

The majority of the people are quite familiar with the leading Starburst Original sweets, while various other products fall under the Starburst brand. Most of these products share several ingredients with the Starburst Original Fruit Chews. Still, vegans always look out for any rogue additions like gelatin or shellac, as these additions might scupper the chances of being classified as vegan.

Keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive as occasionally some other Starburst products also appear, and sometimes we see these products in collaboration with other foods or products. It is always advised to check the labels of any products if you are not familiar with them. You should be aware that the ingredients keep changing from time to time, so the chances are that some of the products that are presently described as non-vegan or the ones described as a vegan might change in the future.

  • Starburst Minis

Starburst Minis are the mini versions of the original Starburst Fruit Chews. These minis are increasingly getting popular, partly because one doesn’t have to go to the trouble of unwrapping them and have the same taste that of the fruit chews.

The ingredients of Starburst Minis are almost the same as that of the originals, with a little bit of sweet potato and also radish thrown in for some good measure. Looking at all the ingredients, one can conclude that these are fine for the vegans to eat.

  • Starburst Chewing Gum

This is a sugar-free chewing gum containing many sweeteners that include xylitol. But all of these sweeteners are either derived from plants or synthesized in the lab to be vegan friendly. The starburst chewing gum has Carnauba wax added as a glazing agent, and this wax is derived from a specific palm found in Brazil.

Starburst chewing gum has no ingredients that would trouble any vegan, as these ingredients are the same as those in the original Starburst. It is still better to check the ingredients at the back to get the information that you require.

  • Starburst Jelly Beans

Starburst jelly beans are not readily available in the UK than the other Starburst products, but occasionally they pop up for sale. If you find any of the Starburst products online, then it is worth noting that some of these products might be imported from the United States and may contain beeswax.

Honey is not vegan for the same reasons, which would obviously make the Starburst jelly beans unsuitable for the vegans. The UK version, on the other hand, if available, appears to use Carnauba wax that is plant-derived instead of beeswax, so it would be considered acceptable.


Starburst is most likely to be vegan if you are based in the United Kingdom, but if in the United States, then there are not vegan products. Some products get shipped between the countries, and therefore, these products could be vegan friendly, but for the vegans, it is always wise to check the ingredients.

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